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Deepak Dogra
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New Windows 10 version to come with better user interface

  • New Windows 10 version to come with better user interface

Microsoft has released a new test version of Windows 10 that introduces new user interface (UI) for "Start" and "Action Center" features.

The new build number "16215" includes elements of the new "Fluent Design System". "Fluent Design" is a revamp of "Microsoft Design Language 2" that includes guidelines for the designs and interactions used within software designed for all Windows 10 devices and platforms. 

The new build is open for developers and members of 'Windows Insider' programme for testing before market release.

"Action Center" has been redesigned to provide much clearer information separation, hierarchy and also groups notifications together in a more coherent way from devices and apps.

"We heard your feedback, and in this build, you can now pin a website to the taskbar from Microsoft Edge. We will use the site's icon to give you quick access to your favourite sites right from the taskbar. Simply select 'Pin this page to the taskbar' from the settings menu in Microsoft Edge," said Dona Sarkar, Software Engineer, Windows and Devices Group, Microsoft, in a blog post on Friday.

In the new build, with your permission, personal assitant Cortana will now prompt you to create a reminder after noticing event posters in camera roll. 

The company has also added a new "lasso" tool to circle the relevant information and Cortana will recognise the time and offer suggested follow-ups through a context menu.

: June 10, 2017 1:31 pm
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Obama touts Paris accord despite US withdrawal
Obama touts Paris accord despite US withdrawal

Former US President Barack Obama championed global leaders' commitment to the Paris Agreement de

Microsoft releases new Windows XP security patches
Microsoft releases new Windows XP security patches

 In the wake of the "WannaCry" ransomware attack, Microsoft on Tuesday issued a "

New Windows 10 version to come with better user interface
New Windows 10 version to come with better user interface

Microsoft has released a new test version of Windows 10 that introduces new user interface (UI) for

Harley-Davidson recalls 57,000 motorcycles for oil leak
Harley-Davidson recalls 57,000 motorcycles for oil leak

 Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson announced on Friday to recall about 57,000 motorcycles

Kia Motors' car plant to come up in Andhra
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 South Korean auto major Kia Motors will set up a car manufacturing plant in Andhra Pradesh wit

24 die in Philippines accident
24 die in Philippines accident

At least 24 persons were killed and many injured when a passenger bus plunged into a deep gorge in n

Microsoft Windows 10 offers more transparency to users
Microsoft Windows 10 offers more transparency to users

A week after Microsoft announced its Windows 10 Creators Update, the company introduced new privacy

Brexit should herald European reawakening: Italian PM
Brexit should herald European reawakening: Italian PM

Italy will work "in a friendly spirit towards the UK" to make sure Brexit provides "a


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