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Deepak Dogra
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Fiorentina deny agreeing Bernardeschi sale to Inter Milan

  • Fiorentina deny agreeing Bernardeschi sale to Inter Milan

 ACF Fiorentina have rubbished a media report that the Serie A football club has agreed to sell young playmaker Federico Bernardeschi to Inter Milan in the summer.

A report by Il Messaggero editor Massimo Caputi on Saturday claimed that "the deal will go through" and Inter will pay Fiorentina around 40 million euro (about $42 million) to rope in 23-year-old Bernardeschi, an academy product of the Florence-based Serie A outfit.

"Such reports are utterly groundless and far removed from reality. Bernardeschi has always declared and demonstrated his loyalty to the Viola cause and the club has stressed its intention to keep the player in Florence," Fiorentina said in a statement.

The Italian international has attracted interest from several top European clubs after scoring 10 times this Serie A campaign. He also played well at the Europa League.

Bernardeschi has made seven appearances for the Italian national team, making his debut against Spain in March 2016.

Apart from Juventus, several English clubs, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United reportedly want to hire Bernadeschi's service.

: March 12, 2017 5:53 pm
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'India's smart cities' plan can adversely impact environment'
'India's smart cities' plan can adversely impact environment'

The Indian government's vision to create 100 new smart cities to support the rapidly growing urb

Getting loans tough without lenders' protection under RERA
Getting loans tough without lenders' protection under RERA

Developers on Sunday expressed apprehensions that they may face difficulties to obtain credit for pr

Fiorentina deny agreeing Bernardeschi sale to Inter Milan
Fiorentina deny agreeing Bernardeschi sale to Inter Milan

 ACF Fiorentina have rubbished a media report that the Serie A football club has agreed to sell

Rs 4,500 cr 'irregular' tax benefits given to infra firms: CAG
Rs 4,500 cr 'irregular' tax benefits given to infra firms: CAG

India's official auditor said on Tuesday that the Income Tax department has given irregular tax

Swedish firms can boost India's digital transformation: Minister
Swedish firms can boost India's digital transformation: Minister

From building Smart Cities to tackling air pollution, Swedish companies can offer state-of-the-art,

Haryana to illuminate government, heritage buildings
Haryana to illuminate government, heritage buildings

The Haryana government has decided to illuminate all government and heritage buildings in the state

Property worth crores unearthed in raids against MP officer
Property worth crores unearthed in raids against MP officer

Madhya Pradesh Lokayukta Police on Wednesday unearthed property worth crores of rupees in raids cond

Digital payments push can add 6% to India's GDP: McKinsey
Digital payments push can add 6% to India's GDP: McKinsey

Widespread adoption and use of digital finance by emerging economies, including India, can fire thei


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