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Deepak Dogra
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Google Search adds donate button for US-based nonprofits

  • Google Search adds donate button for US-based nonprofits

To make it easier for people to give money to their favourite organisations this holiday season, Google Search has added a “Donate” button to its knowledge graph. The button allows users to contribute to the organisations directly when they search for US-based nonprofits. But for the button to appear, the nonprofits need to enroll with Google.

“Starting today, when you search for a growing list of US-based nonprofits, you’ll see a new ‘Donate’ option. “Tap or click on Donate, and you’ll see an easy donation flow that lets you give to your favourite organisation as easily as you can look up its history, phone number, or website,” Google’s Product Manager Prem Ramaswami wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

“We’re starting with organisations in the US across causes and locales who have opted in through Google for Nonprofits, and we hope that more opt in moving forward,” Ramaswami said. Earlier in 2017, Google pledged $1 billion in Google.org grants over five years to nonprofits around the world.

According to some estimates, Google said, nearly 30 percent of all giving happens during the holiday season. “This spirit shines in our search trends, too, with many people looking for ways to donate and support nonprofits. We hope this feature makes it easier for nonprofits to reach potential supporters, and for you to donate to important causes, this holiday season and beyond,” Ramaswami said.

Unlike Facebook’s Charitable Givings feature that has gotten popular with users who “donate” their birthdays to fundraising, Google does not charge a fee when donations are made through its button,


: November 29, 2017 11:23 am
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Google Search adds donate button for US-based nonprofits
Google Search adds donate button for US-based nonprofits

To make it easier for people to give money to their favourite organisations this holiday season, Goo

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