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Deepak Dogra
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'Hot Jupiter' with deadly stratosphere stuns scientists

  • 'Hot Jupiter' with deadly stratosphere stuns scientists

A NASA-led team of scientists has determined that WASP-18b, a "hot JupiterBSE -2.93 %" located 325 light-years from Earth, has a smothering stratosphere that is loaded with carbon monoxide, or CO, but has no signs of water. "The composition of WASP-18b defies all expectations," said Kyle Sheppard of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.  

"We don't know of any other extrasolar planet where carbon monoxide so completely dominates the upper atmosphere," Sheppard said.

The findings, published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, come from a new analysis of observations made by the Hubble and Spitzer space telescopes.

The formation of a stratosphere layer in a planet's atmosphere is attributed to "sunscreen"-like molecules, which absorb ultra violet (UV) and visible radiation coming from the star and then release that energy as heat.

The new study suggests that the "hot Jupiter" WASP-18b, a massive planet that orbits very close to its host star, has an unusual composition, and the formation of this world might have been quite different from that of Jupiter as well as gas giants in other planetary systems.

On Earth, ozone absorbs UV in the stratosphere, protecting our world from a lot of the Sun's harmful radiation.

For the handful of exoplanets with stratospheres, the absorber is typically thought to be a molecule such as titanium oxide, a close relative of titanium dioxide, used on Earth as a paint pigment and sunscreen ingredient.




: November 30, 2017 1:33 pm
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'Hot Jupiter' with deadly stratosphere stuns scientists
'Hot Jupiter' with deadly stratosphere stuns scientists

A NASA-led team of scientists has determined that WASP-18b, a "hot JupiterBSE -2.93 %" loc

Google Search adds donate button for US-based nonprofits
Google Search adds donate button for US-based nonprofits

To make it easier for people to give money to their favourite organisations this holiday season, Goo

Microsoft Office Now Available on Chromebooks
Microsoft Office Now Available on Chromebooks

Microsoft Office has arrived for Google Chromebook users through the Google Play Store and it will b

Facebook is rolling out AI tools to help prevent suicides
Facebook is rolling out AI tools to help prevent suicides

In yet another attempt to prevent suicides, Facebook is starting to roll out Artificial Intelligence

Nasa to measure space debris around International Space Station
Nasa to measure space debris around International Space Station

Nasa is set to launch a sensor that will measure space debris around the International Space Station

Google faces inquiry over location data collection
Google faces inquiry over location data collection

After Google reportedly confirmed the practice of gathering location data from Android devices even

Huawei, Edinburgh University ink pact on artificial intelligence
Huawei, Edinburgh University ink pact on artificial intelligence

Chinese technology giant Huawei and the University of Edinburgh, UK, have signed a research cooperat

Facebook ‘Local’ to bring together restaurants, bars for users
Facebook ‘Local’ to bring together restaurants, bars for users

Facebook is reportedly relaunching its “Events” stand-alone app as “Local” f


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