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Deepak Dogra
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Microsoft builds treehouse offices

  • Microsoft builds treehouse offices

To help its employees gain creativity, focus and happiness, Microsoft has built treehouse workspaces with embedded tech at its Redmond campus that will serve as meeting spaces and a more casual work environment. Designed by renowned builder Pete Nelson, the treehouse is one of the three new branch-based meeting spaces and is part of a larger new system of technology-enabled outdoor districts connected to buildings around campus empowering employees to work in new ways. During its construction in the summer, the outdoor meeting spaces, which include two enclosed treehouses and one elevated roost called the ‘Crow’s Nest’, created a wave of curiosity. “While some companies have moved toward the trend of creating green indoor spaces that function as proxies for the outdoors, Microsoft has something unique that most companies located within large metropolitan areas don’t have: a 500-acre campus nestled in the woods, with greenspace and wildlife galore,” a company blog said.

The outdoor meeting space emphasises Microsoft’s long-ago envisioned connection to the environment while increasing opportunities for workers to collaborate-all while maintaining the reliable connectivity of a traditional office. Twelve feet off the ground, the treehouse features charred-wood walls and a soaring ceiling with a round skylight with cinnamon-coloured shingles and a gingerbread-house feel. There is no AV system or calibrated climate control.

An outdoor Wi-Fi network allows employees to range; every bench is weatherproof and contains a hatch that reveals electricity sources. The indoor cafeteria is extended outside, with a barbecue restaurant built into a shipping container. Tactile surfaces help people who are blind or have low vision navigate.

The space has rust-proof rocking chairs, an outdoor gas fireplace that brings the warmth of a ski lodge and attracts an after-work crowd and a weatherproof awning that, when the sun shines, stencils the Microsoft logo onto the manicured lawn.


Two of the three treehouses, which are accessible to all employees, are open. The third, a sheltered lounge space, will be ready later this year.

: October 14, 2017 2:23 pm
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'Hot Jupiter' with deadly stratosphere stuns scientists
'Hot Jupiter' with deadly stratosphere stuns scientists

A NASA-led team of scientists has determined that WASP-18b, a "hot JupiterBSE -2.93 %" loc

Google Search adds donate button for US-based nonprofits
Google Search adds donate button for US-based nonprofits

To make it easier for people to give money to their favourite organisations this holiday season, Goo

Microsoft Office Now Available on Chromebooks
Microsoft Office Now Available on Chromebooks

Microsoft Office has arrived for Google Chromebook users through the Google Play Store and it will b

Facebook is rolling out AI tools to help prevent suicides
Facebook is rolling out AI tools to help prevent suicides

In yet another attempt to prevent suicides, Facebook is starting to roll out Artificial Intelligence

Nasa to measure space debris around International Space Station
Nasa to measure space debris around International Space Station

Nasa is set to launch a sensor that will measure space debris around the International Space Station

Google faces inquiry over location data collection
Google faces inquiry over location data collection

After Google reportedly confirmed the practice of gathering location data from Android devices even

Huawei, Edinburgh University ink pact on artificial intelligence
Huawei, Edinburgh University ink pact on artificial intelligence

Chinese technology giant Huawei and the University of Edinburgh, UK, have signed a research cooperat

Facebook ‘Local’ to bring together restaurants, bars for users
Facebook ‘Local’ to bring together restaurants, bars for users

Facebook is reportedly relaunching its “Events” stand-alone app as “Local” f


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