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Deepak Dogra
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In 2009 Maya Newspaper was published fortnightly and as a weekly a year later. Due to the increasing popular demand of Maya Newspaper, a minimum of 50,000 copies were circulated per issue and had a widespread readership of over 250,000. We also published Maya Newspaper specific to the following boroughs and areas: Maya Newspaper Hounslow, Maya Newspaper Ealing, Maya Newspaper Brent, Maya Newspaper Harrow, Maya Newspaper Slough, Maya Newspaper Central London. Maya Newspaper Nationwide was also available to collect from the news agencies.

We distributed Maya Newspaper to domestic households via door-to-door delivery, and was easily available to collect from outside; more than 500 tube station in our designated Maya Newspaper box.

Current: Online version

Maya Today comes in the wake of our vast experience in bringing out Maya Newspaper. In 2014, Maya Today released its first online daily English Newspaper. Since then, Maya Today only publishes news online and e-papers. The readers can access the proposed online daily Newspaper easily in the format of an E-paper on the website www.mayatoday.com.

We publish e-paper specific to areas and countries: Maya Today Brent, Maya Today Ealing, Maya Today Hounslow, Maya Today Harrow, Maya Today Slough, Maya Today Central London edition, Maya Today USA, Maya Today Mauritius, Maya Today Canada, Maya Today India. We also publish Maya Today e-paper in Hindi, available to read on www.mayatoday.in

We provide additional services on mobile platforms such as Android and IOS. You can also contact us on Twitter, @MayaTodayNews and on our Facebook page, Maya_Today. We have a team of hardworking people, our aim is to generate employment and provide authentic, unbiased information.

We make sure to provide the best service to our advertisers. Our distribution team ensures copies of our free e-papers reaches our subscribed readers via email. We understand the value of our advertisers and strive hard to see, that it is a win-win situation to all. It will be a Newspaper for the entire family with a variety of topics to appeal to different age groups and business communities. Maya Today enables individuals to relate, catch up and understand what is occurring around the world today. Our main focus is reporting the news and asking questions that nobody else dares to ask!

Unquestionably, Newspapers are much more than just the News, we have much more to offer such as: entertainment, sports, arts, property, travel, blogs, finance, crime and more. We publish daily 300-400, news on our websites to cater for our readers wide range of interests in news.

Maya Today is an online e-paper that focuses on world affairs and cosmopolitan issues. Maya Today has brought together a variety of age groups interested in the latest news of the United Kingdom, the USA, Canada, Mauritius and sub-continent. It is an independent paper that is not aligned with any region, religion, or political grouping. We have had more than 14 millions and counting, visitors on our websites. Maya Today is a common man’s newspaper. It is FREE. We hope that we can continue to serve our readers.

Deepak Dogra is the CEO of Maya Today. He is a visionary and the driving force behind the newspaper. He had successfully established Maya Newspaper in 2009 and saw it flourishing till 2014.

H.S Rao is the Hon. Chief Editor for Maya Today. He is also a senior journalist with over 40 years' of experience. He has worked for the Press Trust of India for the last 4 decades and has been working as Press Trust of India's Bureau Chief in the UK.

Ravi Jain is a Honorary Editor of Maya Today. He is also a community activist of 40 years. He has worked in the media industry for 25 years and has played a key role in anti-racism projects and helping shape youth and work policies. He was formerly the General Secretary of the National Association of Asian Youth.

Annu Dogra is the Financial Director of Maya Today and a businesswoman. She is also the live wire of the newspaper.

Vijay Goel a partner in Singhania & Co is the legal advisor to Maya Today. He has expertise in advising clients on matters relating to corporate law and laws relating to joint ventures and foreign collaborations.