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British Library digitising rare printed Bengali books

  • British Library digitising rare printed Bengali books

 The British Library, which is leading an international partnership to digitise rare material from its South Asian printed book collection, has scanned 1,000 old and rare printed Bengali books of the 19th century, according to project co-ordinators.

As part of the 'Two Centuries of Indian Print' (TCIP) project, in total, 4,000 early printed Bengali books, amounting to more than 800,000 pages, will be digitised and made freely available online.

"So far we scanned 1,000 books. There are books literally from every discipline you could think of. There are treatises on sciences, education, religion, missionaries coming to India and translation of the Bible," Tom Derrick, Digital Curator, TCIP told  here at the Jadavpur University on the sidelines of a symposium exploring the history of print in South Asia. 

The TCIP pilot project is a partnership between the British Library, the School of Cultural Texts and Records (SCTR) of Jadavpur University, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, and the Library at SOAS University of London, involving collaborations with the National Library of India. 

It marks the start of a major programme to share the wealth of Indian printed books held by the British Library dating from 1713 to 1914.

Another aspect to the project is applying OCR (optical character recognition) to transcribe the Bengali script. OCR is the recognition of printed or written text characters by a computer. 

"We are dealing with historical Bangla and the changes in the language, so the typography is unique. It is underserved by commercial OCR whose focus is more on Western patterns," explained Derrick. 

To overcome these challenges, the library is running a competition to find an optimal solution for automatically transcribing the Bengali books that have been digitised as part of the project. 

"So over 20 institutes worldwide have signed up," he said. 

According to Layli Uddin, project curator (Bengali) at the British Library, the approach is three-pronged: cataloguing, digitising and contextualising.

"We want to reach out to a wider audience, make the materials open and free to all, make it accessible to non-Bengali speaking audiences as well. Also to contextualise and that is where the Jadavpur University experts come in. They are helping identify what is unique and rare in BL's collectionsa printed materials which are not available elsewhere in the world," Uddin told . 

: July 16, 2017 1:13 pm
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New Education Policy By December End: HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar
New Education Policy By December End: HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar

The union government will come out with the first draft of the new National Education Policy by this

Scholastic celebrates International Literacy Day
Scholastic celebrates International Literacy Day

Scholastic India, the countrys wing of the the global childrens publishing, educational and media co

Delhi government to set up Hindi Literature Discussion Clubs
Delhi government to set up Hindi Literature Discussion Clubs

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Tuesday directed government officials to set up Hindi

'Teachers must get minimum qualification by 2019'
'Teachers must get minimum qualification by 2019'

Inadequately qualified teachers, working after enactment of the Right to Education Act, were being g

British Library digitising rare printed Bengali books
British Library digitising rare printed Bengali books

 The British Library, which is leading an international partnership to digitise rare material f

Bengal topper's name appears in JU merit list without applying
Bengal topper's name appears in JU merit list without applying

 West Bengal Class 12 topper Archisman Panigrahi is in a unique predicament, his name tops the

Saudi Arabia to introduce physical education in girls' schools
Saudi Arabia to introduce physical education in girls' schools

 The Saudi Arabian minister of education decided on Tuesday to start a physical education progr

Delhi University announces third cut-off list
Delhi University announces third cut-off list

Delhi University (DU) colleges have released their third cut-off list, making little to no change in


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