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Stay healthy with different types of diet food

  • Stay healthy with different types of diet food

Diet food contains fewer calories, and serves as a healthier alternative to conventional snacks such as potato chips, burgers and other fast food. Some diet foods are full of antioxidants, essential nutrients. Chidva, chickpeas, sabja (sweet basil) seeds and coconut water are some of the easily accessible options, say experts.

Experts at salebhai.com have listed some of the healthy diet snacks and food that could be consumed on different days of the week. 

* Mondays: Diet chivda is a mixed snack popular across India and served with hot beverages. It is made of ingredients such as flattened rice, dried peas, raisins, and so on. 

Available in different combinations, diet chivda is an excellent healthy treat as most of the ingredients are either dried or baked, and contain little to no oil or fat.

* Tuesdays: While fried potato chips top the list of unhealthy foods in the world, its diet version is the opposite, without compromising on taste. Diet potato chips are mostly baked and use little to no oil, and make for a yummy snack between meals.

* Wednesdays: Chira (flattened rice) is the main ingredient in poha, chira. When lightly roasted, it can be mixed with various spices and consumed as a healthy snack throughout the day.

* Thursdays: A container of masala chickpeas packs several vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre and protein, keeping one fuller for longer. 

* Fridays: Quinoa has become popular over the years both as a superfood and a versatile ingredient. Native to South America, it is prepared by being boiled in water. The nutrient-rich grain is mostly consumed as part of a salad, but there are treats such as quinoa puffs that are equally healthy and delicious.

* Saturdays: A favourite among gym goers and fitness aficionados, muesli or granola bars are the perfect choice that also boost the metabolism. A great alternative to candy bars, they can satiate anyone's sweet tooth or sudden cravings without any adverse effects to health. 

Muesli bars are made up of refined flour, hazelnut, cashew, almond, dark chocolate, honey, oats, butter, and sugar.

* Sunday: Although a new entrant in the list of healthiest foods, kale chips have quickly become one of the most tried new ingredients in the global food market. 

A close cousin of the cabbage family, kale has a high fibre content and low calories, making it a great diet food.


Inputs by Rashida Sidhpurwala, consulting Nutritionist at UrbanClap, website for lifestyle services: 

* Curd: For all those who suffer from constipation, gas and acidity, this one is an absolute must have on a daily basis. However the curd must be set at home. This allows the essential fats, the vitamin D and the vitamin B along with the B12 to be retained. 
Curd strengthens the intestines, reduces acidity attacks and keep the bloating down.

* Cucumber: An alkaline body will have the best metabolism and will stay away from manifesting or developing diseases so make sure to include this super hydrating vegetable everyday.

* Sabja seeds: Not just a quick detox but an instant cooler and bloating reliever. 

* Cinnamon: This spice has a plethora of benefits that include super anti inflammatory power and reduction of arthritic pain. Not only does it help curb Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and blood sugar levels drastically but chewing a small piece of it also helps keep sweet cravings at bay.

* Coconut Water: This is not just thirst quencher but has the perfect balance of sodium and potassium to give the skin a baby fresh look. It is also a well known reliever of cramp and migraine during PMS trouble.

* Jowar: This grain is rich in vitamin B1, iron and fibre. It can help pick up the rate at which the body is burning fat.

: July 28, 2017 12:21 am
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Stay healthy with different types of diet food
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Diet food contains fewer calories, and serves as a healthier alternative to conventional snacks such

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