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Obama to campaign almost everyday in final week

  • Obama to campaign almost everyday in final week

President Barack Obama will campaign for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton almost everyday in the final week leading to the November 8 election, a White House aide said.

Obama will also ramp up his efforts to boost Democrats in down-ballot races through additional travel, robocalls, radio spots and endorsements, the aide said on Thursday.

He will court the millennial vote through late-night shows and online outlets. He's scheduled to appear on "Full Frontal With Samantha Bee" on October 31, ABC News reported

The aide said the president plans to focus on positive messaging, making his case for Clinton and looking forward to uniting the country after the divisive election.

But he will also continue to speak out against Republican nominee Donald Trump's claims that the election is rigged.

Obama will returns to Florida on Friday where he has not only tried to bolster Clinton, but also seemed all too eager to take aim at Republican Senator Marco Rubio, who is being challenged by Democratic Representative Patrick Murphy, the aide added.

: October 28, 2016 11:24 am
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Obama urges voters to move history in the right direction
Obama urges voters to move history in the right direction

US President Barack Obama said here on Thursday that voters would have a chance on November 8 to mov

Trump gains lead over Clinton in new poll
Trump gains lead over Clinton in new poll

Republican nominee Donald Trump for the first time gained a slim lead over Democratic contender Hill

Obama to campaign almost everyday in final week
Obama to campaign almost everyday in final week

President Barack Obama will campaign for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton almost everyday in the f

Four killed in Australia theme park
Four killed in Australia theme park

 At least four people were killed on Tuesday in an accident at a theme park in Australia's

Australia mulls shark nets after series of attacks
Australia mulls shark nets after series of attacks

The Australian government plans to introduce a new bill in November to legalise a six-month trial of

Trump to deliver major speech on immigration
Trump to deliver major speech on immigration

Donald Trump, the Republican candidate for the upcoming US Presidential elections will give a long-a

Canada's Drouin wins high jump gold
Canada's Drouin wins high jump gold

 Canada's Derek Drouin has recorded his best leap of the year to win gold in the men's

FBI to submit Clinton's email probe notes to Congress
FBI to submit Clinton's email probe notes to Congress

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) would soon submit interview notes from its probe into Demo


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