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Deepak Dogra
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We'll set up more manufacturing units in India: Xiaomi

  • We'll set up more manufacturing units in India: Xiaomi


After sharing the top slot for the first time with South Korean tech giant Samsung in the Indian smartphone market, Xiaomi on Tuesday said it is geared up to take "Make in India" to the next level by setting up more manufacturing units across the country from next year. 

"We as a company are 100 per cent committed to 'Make in India'. This is something we started thinking in the begining of this year, that can we extend the same programme to other categories (of products) also," Manu Jain, Vice President, Xiaomi and Managing Director, Xiaomi India told The company announced its third manufacturing plant in the country based out of Noida and the first facility for power banks in partnership with Hipad Technology.

"This is the first non-phone category where we are extending 'Make in India' but we will be happy to extend it to other categories also as and when we reach a certain volume threshold," Jain added.

The Chinese smartphone maker also announced two power banks -- a 10,000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i and a 20,000mAh Mi Power Bank 2i -- that will be manufactured at the Noida facility.

Spread across 2.3 lakh square feet, the Noida unit is a dedicated facility for Xiaomi power banks where Mi Power Bank 2i will be assembled. 

: November 21, 2017 5:21 pm
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Twitter is part of net neutrality problem, says FCC's Ajit Pai
Twitter is part of net neutrality problem, says FCC's Ajit Pai

Following a letter in which Twitter along with others had asked US Federal Communications Commission

Mytrah Energy to add 500-1,000 MW annually
Mytrah Energy to add 500-1,000 MW annually

Renewable energy company Mytrah plans to add 500 MW to 1,000 MW every year of wind and solar power,

Shopmatic, Godaddy announce strategic alliance for seamless connect
Shopmatic, Godaddy announce strategic alliance for seamless connect

  Singapore-based e-commerce company Shopmatic on Tuesday announced its strategic partners

Lenovo tops Indian tablet market with 94% growth
Lenovo tops Indian tablet market with 94% growth

While the Indian tablet PC market recorded a 4 per cent decline (Year-on-Year) in the third quarter

Indices maintain upward trajectory, gain for 8th consecutive session
Indices maintain upward trajectory, gain for 8th consecutive session

.Continuing with their upward trajectory, the key indices of the Indian equity markets -- the S&

RIL sells stake in US Marcellus shale assets to BKV Chelsea for $126 mn
RIL sells stake in US Marcellus shale assets to BKV Chelsea for $126 mn

Reliance Industries (RIL) on Friday announced that a subsidiary of its Reliance Holding USA has clos

JAM trinity helped government save $10 bn leak: Modi
JAM trinity helped government save $10 bn leak: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said it must be ensured that digital space doesn't beco

Samsung second largest smartphone brand in UK market
Samsung second largest smartphone brand in UK market

While Apple led the UK smartphone market with just over 34 per cent market share despite sales decli


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