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Deepak Dogra
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Get your teeth wedding ready

  • Get your teeth wedding ready

 From the embroidery work that goes on the wedding dress to the crockery used to serve the guests, the D-day invites perfection in even the most little things. The pearl white smile of the blushing bride is one such detail that needs to be perfect and experts suggests how.

Priyanka Goyat from Rejove Clinique and Somvir Singh from Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, share tips on how one can make the day even more special with perfect teeth.

* Avoid staining elements -- Cut back the consumption of deeply pigmented beverages like soda, coffee and tea and some foods like blueberries, cherries, and soy sauce as these are the ones -- along with alcohol and cigarettes -- responsible for enamel thinning, and making the teeth more susceptible to stains. If you can't completely avoid staining beverages from your diet, either try having them with straw or get your teeth clinically cleaned every three months. 

* Go well with the water intake -- Increasing water intake at least one month prior to the wedding will not only make your face glow but will also let your teeth sparkle to their fullest on D-day. Even on D-day, staying well hydrated will keep your lips and mouth all moistened up, easing it out for you to smile. Good water consumption will not only save you from chapped lips but will also keep your lipstick fresh all day long. 

* Take good care of dental regimen -- Whether or not you opt to go with the teeth whitening treatments to enhance your smile, it's important to keep up with proper care of the teeth. This includes daily routine like brushing at least twice a day with proper rinsing, and flossing. Of course, your daily routine would be a hectic one even months before the special day. Still, you shouldn't skip the routine dental check-ups and teeth cleanings if you wish to have a healthy white smile on your wedding day. 

* Sparkle with the jewel -- To add that extra wow element to the wedding clicks, spend some bucks and get the precisely cut and polished Swarovski tooth crystal work done on your teeth. The placement of these mini stain resistant jewels is similar to placing braces on teeth. So, to get those extra likes for your D-day snaps, gear up to get this beautiful work done from the nearest dental clinic.

Remember: It's your big day, and being the star of the show it's important to be the beautiful blushing bride dazzling with the perfect white smile. 

: August 11, 2017 5:37 pm
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