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Deepak Dogra
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Re-use bridalwear and opt for matte lipstick on Rakhi

  • Re-use bridalwear and opt for matte lipstick on Rakhi

Opt for bright coloured attires or re-use your wedding dress without looking over-the-top on the occasion of Rakhi on August 8, suggest experts.

Make-up artist Aashmeen Munjaal and fashion designer Anuradha Ramam have listed few ways to add glamour to your look:

* Go for bright colours like royal blue, parrot green, dark maroon, red and fuchsia pink.

* A bling kurta and chudidar with a bandhani dupatta look good. Accessorise with big jhumki earings and have light make-up. 

* For the Indo-western look pair a bling top with an ethnic printed silk skirt. The dupatta is optional.

* For the western feel with a touch of ethnic wear, a long flowy gown in ikat and mangalgiri can be a good choice. Finish the look with ethnic jhumkas and rustic silver neckpiece.

* A bridal attire can be easily re-used by putting in some simple changes:

Wear the blouse with a plain georgette or chiffon sari in a contrast colour. This will balance the heavy blouse. If the blouse is a corset then it can be paired with a long flowy in goergette or chiffon with a thick border for functions in the day or the evening. 

Accessorise with a party clutch. 

The dupatta can be worn with a simple suit with a simple border. Accessorise with a classic watch and a party clutch. The dupatta can be worn with a short tunic paired with palazzo pants. 

The lehenga can be worn with a plain raw silk blouse or corset of the contrast colour. The dupatta should have minimal embroidery subtle the lehnga. Wear minimal jewellery and carry a party clutch to complete the look.

* Make your eyes pop with a blue kajal applied on both the upper and lower lashline and skip the eyeshadow all together. But go for a smudge proof kajal because this hot and humid weather can spoil the look.

* Swipe a hint of peach blush on the cheek bones for a natural looking flush and avoid the pink blush altogether. As a general rule, always go for warmer shades of blush for a more natural looking finish.

* Don't forget to fill the lips with a nice lipstick shade. Opt for nude shades. Dab a little balm on the lips if they are dry or cracked. Slick on a layer of gloss to help the colour last for long. Apply matte orange or light pink lipstick.

: August 1, 2017 7:15 am
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