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Sleepwalkers are better at automatic walking: Study

  • Sleepwalkers are better at automatic walking: Study

Sleepwalkers are known to perform complex movements such as walking in the absence of full consciousness. This ability may translate into a multitasking advantage for sleepwalkers when they are awake over non-sleepwalkers, researchers have found.A new research using virtual reality (VR) has revealed significant differences in how the brains of sleepwalkers and non-sleepwalkers control and perceive body movement.The results of the study, published in the Journal Current Biology, indicated that sleepwalkers exhibit increased automation in their movements with respect to non-sleepwalkers. For the study, using a full-body motion capture suit in a room full of IR-tracking cameras sleepwalkers and non-sleepwalkers were asked to walk towards a target object -- a virtual cylinder. The subject was shown a life-size avatar that could truthfully replicate or deviate from the subject's actual trajectory in real-time.Participants could, therefore, be tricked into walking along a modified trajectory to compensate for the avatar deviation. Their walking speed and accuracy of movement along with their movement awareness were then recorded and analysed.

: October 29, 2017 1:20 pm
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Indulge In Zumba Dance To Stay Emotionally Fit
Indulge In Zumba Dance To Stay Emotionally Fit

Feeling drained out emotionally? Engage in Zumba dancing for five weeks as it may not only help you

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Give your skin right detox post wedding season
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Wedding always brings a smile on your face and why not? After all, it also gives you a chance to sho

Sleepwalkers are better at automatic walking: Study
Sleepwalkers are better at automatic walking: Study

Sleepwalkers are known to perform complex movements such as walking in the absence of full conscious

Daring Designer Launches a Line Of Thong Jeans
Daring Designer Launches a Line Of Thong Jeans

Would you wear jeans which show your derriere? Japanese brand Thibaut has launched such unique denim

Bilingual kids may learn new language faster
Bilingual kids may learn new language faster

Children who are bilingual can be better and faster at learning additional languages later in life t

Blame your neurons if you feel sleepy when bored
Blame your neurons if you feel sleepy when bored

We often defy sleepiness and stay awake when attention is necessary, but also experience an inescapa

Scientists decode secret to thriving in life
Scientists decode secret to thriving in life

Doing well in life, it seems, is not as difficult as we tend to assume when life throws a few tough


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