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Mexican marine biologist works to save great white sharks

  • Mexican marine biologist works to save great white sharks

 A Mexican marine biologist is using his new book to spread the message for protection of great white sharks, an animal that he contends is nearly perfect.

"When we see a white shark, we shouldn't think we're at the gates of Hell, we're dealing with one of the most perfect creatures in the whole world," Edgar Mauricio Hoyos said on Wednesday.

Hoyos used the launch of his book, "El gran tiburon blanco, protector de los oceanos" (The Great White Shark, Protector of the Oceans), at a museum here to educate the public about the great whites, noting that the huge predators do not eat humans.

The marine biologist, who has spent 14 years studying great white sharks at Isla de Guadalupe, located off the coast of Baja California, makes the case for protecting the creature in his plainly written 119-page book.

Great white sharks, which have been around since before the dinosaurs, visit Isla de Guadalupe each year between August and February, feeding on fish, sea lions and dead whales, maintaining balance in the marine ecosystem, Hoyos said.

Great white sharks are threatened by fishermen, who can get up to $50,000 for the animals' fins and jaws.

Shark fins, especially those of great whites, are prized as a delicacy in Asia.

: August 17, 2017 12:47 pm
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Mexican marine biologist works to save great white sharks
Mexican marine biologist works to save great white sharks

 A Mexican marine biologist is using his new book to spread the message for protection of great

US biologists discover three new toad species
US biologists discover three new toad species

US biologists have discovered three new species of toads living in Nevada's Great Basin in an ex

Tourists cheer as rain brings down mercury in Himachal
Tourists cheer as rain brings down mercury in Himachal

 Rains brought down mercury in Himachal Pradesh on Sunday, bringing cheers to thousands of tour

World's first fluorescent frog discovered in South America
World's first fluorescent frog discovered in South America

The worlds first fluorescent frog has been discovered in the Amazon basin in Argentina, a media repo

Kerala's 'Responsible Tourism' a model initiative: UNWTO
Kerala's 'Responsible Tourism' a model initiative: UNWTO

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has said Kerala's award-winning "Resp

Registration for Kailash Manasarovar Yatra begins
Registration for Kailash Manasarovar Yatra begins

 Registration for the Kailash Manasarovar Yatra commenced on Wednesday, the External Affairs Mi

China see surge in tourist numbers
China see surge in tourist numbers

China witnessed a surge in tourist numbers on Friday, the first day of the week-long Lunar New Year

Dubai Crocodile Park to open next year-end
Dubai Crocodile Park to open next year-end

The Dubai Crocodile Park project is 43 per cent complete and will open at the end of next year, said


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